On two separate occasions I visited the fishing village of Prainha do Canto Verde, on the northeast coast of Brazil, in the state of Ceará. I did this out of personal interest—to learn about the jangadeiros (the traditional fishermen in this area) and their unique sailboats called jangadas.

I went out on several fishing trips with the jangadeiros. Most of these were one or two days in duration, to check on lobster pots or set and retrieve nets. One trip, however, lasted four days and took me to the edge of the continental shelf, over forty miles offshore. The story of that journey, Walking On Water: Over The Horizon On A Jangada, will be told here in posts. Each post is a new chapter to the story.

This is an interactive book with links to the glossary, galleries, and other websites. To start, go to the Introduction on The Story page and take it from there.

This is a true story with elements of fiction and fantasy. Some of what happens on the longer voyage actually occurred on one of the shorter trips, and some of the stuff is purely made up. The characters in the story do exist, but again, there has been some minor melding of the various fishermen I got to know in the village. One thing should be made very clear: the actions of the jangadeiros, their prowess as fishermen and sailors, have not been made up or embellished in any way. They are the real deal.

Thank You:

Katherine Bean. David Lorimer. René Schärer (founder of Amigos da Prainha do Canto Verde). Mauro Fernandes Filho. Catherine Benamou (Associate Producer of It’s All True: Based on an Unfinished Film by Orson Welles). Christine Pomerantzeff. Andrew Davis (Tri-Coastal Marine).

Special Thanks to:

All the jangadeiros who took me out and showed me the ropes: Mamede, Ze, João, Gaston (Jola), Neu, Kito Velho, Valdelin, Rogelio, Ivan, and others.

Saida Closeup Title


Copyright © 2016 by Patrick Cable, Walking on Water: Over The Horizon On A Jangada, and this site, jangadajourney.com. Unauthorized use or duplication of any of this material without express and written permission by the author is prohibited. All writing and pictures by Patrick Cable, unless otherwise noted.

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